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          Interior of San Thome Basilica, Chennai, India

          Religious Studies

          “In fact, if I went back to college today, I think I would probably major in comparative religion because that’s how integrated it is in everything that we are working on and deciding and thinking about in life today.”

          -Secretary of State John Kerry, August 7, 2013

          The study of religion is as much a process of transformation as an education. As a student of religion at Trinity, you learn to develop and exercise a respectful and open attitude toward a variety of beliefs and practices among the peoples of the world. You are challenged to learn critical thinking in order to separate the "wheat from the chaff," the substance from the superficial, not only in the discipline itself, but in all of life's endeavors. You study many religious persuasions, Tibetan Buddhists, Swiss Calvinists, French Catholics, Irani Muslims, while maintaining an enlightened balance between understanding and acceptance.

          Religion as a major engages you in studies of history, literature, philosophy, science, and economics. It teaches you how to think clearly and analytically. It demands that you learn to articulate your thoughts both orally and in writing. It has its pragmatic side, offering a framework in which to examine moral values in different societies and the ways in which these societies resolve their moral conflicts. Religion offers the student a broader tablet, a chance to develop powers of perception more profoundly than in narrowly defined disciplines.

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