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          Minor in Formal Organizations

          Formal Organizations

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          The Minor now comes with a choice between two tracks—the standard five courses or the new track of six courses that includes entrepreneurship within formal organizations.

          Course requirements:

          The required courses must be drawn from at least three programs or departments.

          • FORG 201. Formal Organizations and Market Behavior
          • A history course that demonstrates how formal organizations were developed and employed, or ECON 214. Business and Entrepreneurial History, or HIST 207. Law and Government in Medieval England.
          • Three other courses drawn from the approved list available from the minor coordinator.
          • A presentation given during the senior year on an interdisciplinary topic from the courses the student has completed in the minor.
          • If students wish to complete the track with entrepreneurship, add:
            • FORG 291. Entrepreneurship and Markets or
            • FORG 302. Seminar in Entrepreneurship.

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