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          The Global Health Humanities Gateway (GHHG) highlights the best advantages of a liberal arts education by linking the humanities and the sciences,​ and offering insight into the political, social, and cultural contexts of health care. Global Health Humanities uses the critical and analytical tools of the humanities to examine and interpret health-related discourses, practices, and inequities in their cultural, social, political, and historical contexts. This program leverages Trinity’s unique strengths as a liberal arts college located in a diverse capital city with strong and vibrant transnational communities and global connections. The Gateway also relies on a multi-decade relationship with the Caribbean through Trinity’s program in Trinidad at the University of the West Indies to provide global experiences and broad perspectives.​

          Become a Global Citizen

          Members of the GHHG engage with the Caribbean community in Hartford, Connecticut and learn as global citizens through a semester abroad, in Trinidad. Students develop the intellectual framework and openness to work with global, transnational communities from a variety of provenances. This three-semester program emphasizes the interconnection of the sciences and the humanities, and the essentialness of bringing a humanistic perspective to science-dominant fields.

          Experiential Learning, Rooted in Literature

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          The Global Health Humanities Gateway is the newest addition to the Gateway programs, with its first cohort of students beginning in fall, 2019.

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