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          Learning a foreign language opens doors to other cultures. In addition to the personal challenge of mastering a new language, multiple-language proficiency allows students to pursue rewarding careers in international affairs, law, business, foreign service, education, and a host of other exciting fields. Trinity’s language and culture studies programs are rooted in a thorough knowledge of the language itself, as utilized by contemporary speakers and writers.

          The Department of Language and Culture Studies offers students a wide variety of opportunities for communication and intellectual stimulation beyond the typical classroom setting. The one-on-one relationships that develop between student and professor, between student and student, and between student and other speakers of foreign languages are benchmarks of the program and an enduring source of personal and professional satisfaction. Student clubs feature practical exposure to foreign languages in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Trinity has majors in seven principal modern languages – Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish – as well as studies in Arabic and Hebrew 500 Internal Server Error

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          We are proud to offer a unique environment to learn the fascinating sounds and script of the Arabic language and the beauty of its literature and art and get acquainted with the warmth and generosity of Arab cultures.



          Students may choose Chinese as the primary or secondary language in the Plan B major. A minor in Chinese is also available.


          French Studies

          The French Program at Trinity College offers numerous possibilities for studies in French and Francophone cultures.


          German Studies

          At Trinity, you have several options to study German: you may take just a few courses, do a German language minor, sign up for the interdisciplinary minor in German studies, or declare a German Studies major.



          Shalom and welcome to Hebrew at Trinity College! Our mission is to bring students into the fascinating world of the Hebrew language and Modern Israeli Culture.


          Hispanic Studies

          If you think you might be interested in using the Spanish language to understand the broader, historically generated realities of Spain and Latin America as well as the emerging global realities of our time, we invite you to join us in the Hispanic Studies Program at Trinity College.


          Italian Studies

          The Italian Studies Program at Trinity College offers a variety of courses in Italian and in English about the language, culture, and civilization of Italy. Students majoring in Italian are encouraged to attend of one the programs at the Trinity College Rome Campus.



          The Japanese Program at Trinity College offers rigorous language training for those willing to make the commitment, beginning with intensive language courses and moving on to advanced courses.



          Our mission is to bring students into the aesthetically rich world of Russia's language and culture. The Hartford area is home to a large and vibrant Russian community, providing opportunities to participate in Russian life through attending performances and meeting Russians locally.


          World Literature & Culture Studies

          This major is for students who wish to study literature across regional boundaries. Students take four to six language courses; however, literature/culture courses may be chosen from among the department's courses offered in English translation.

          The Language and Culture Studies Department gave me the opportunity to combine my diverse passion in meaningful ways. It served as a chance to pursue my love of Hebrew and American Sign Language as dual lenses into the culture represented by each. Watch the video.

          Eve Pollack '20
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