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          At Trinity College Hispanic Studies, usually begins with the rigorous analysis of linguistic codes and ends with … well, we really don’t know where it ends. That’s something that is ultimately up to the individual student. Recent graduates have ended up in areas such as publishing, overseas education, teaching, public policy, health administration, film making, international business, law, and academia. What we do know, however, is that each of our students participates in a program that is carefully designed to maximize his/her ability to live and act in the world as highly skilled, well-informed, and self-reflective citizens. At the core of our philosophy is a deep belief in the transformative power of learning, especially in disciplines like our own, which continually challenge us to reassess the “certainty” of the cultural constructs that shape our “native” existence as well as the “foreign” cultures we study.

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          Hispanic Studies

          Thomas Harrington Seabury Hall
          300 Summit Street
          Hartford, CT 06106

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